About Santorini Island

Santorini Island, being an interest itself with its uncommon greatness, has various sights to visit and various activities to do that can doubtlessly satisfy each need and taste. The attractions of the island will fill you with wonderment and enthusiasm, some of them can really leave you baffled, and will offer you remarkable memories you will prize for a lifetime.

Places to visit

Emporio While on the way to Perissa coastline in the south of Santorini you'll find this charmed little town. There will never be any tourists here and anyway it's little it's still abundance adequately gigantic to get incredible and lost in the knot of back ways.

Red Beach Directly relatively close to the Akrotiri ruins, Red Beach is the most stunning and wonderful of any Santorini coastline. From the vehicle stop or auto stop it's around a brief walk around the coastline. (Sometimes shut in view of the risk from falling stone, proceed at your own specific hazard.)

Oia Oia is the most lovely settlement of Santorini, a wonderful town with ordinary person. In view of the caldera feigns, when it is under the shades of the sunset it ends up being significantly all the seriously astonishing and unadulterated. There are charming white-washed houses, blue-domed heavenly places and glorious designs with changed shades that make a hypnotizing view. The best spot to sit and like the dusk is the leftover pieces of the obvious Castle of AgiosNikolaos. From here you can look the most beautiful view; the amazing settlement spreading out before you, the vital wellspring of fluid magma over the shining Aegean Sea and the grand skyline.

Santorini Volcano The best interest of Santorini is unquestionably the spring of spouting magma that framed the whole island and gave it its intriguing person and its stunning customary greatness. There are created ventures that permit you to visit and research it exceptionally close, yet basically its inconsequential point of view lying over the Aegean Sea is awesome.

Therasia Island Therasia is a little, unaltered island (only 300 occupants essentially live here) that sticks with show and authenticity. It is overflowed with just serenity and standard superbness and the cheerfulness of its inhabitants is constantly there to invite you. It lies on the west of Santorini, converse of the town of Oia, just a single nautical pretty far. There are barge courses that pull out from Ammoudi Bay to Riva, the port of Therasia, a partition that requires under 20 minutes. On the other hand, you can take the ferryboat from Athinios port to Riva or the old port of Therasia, Korfos.

Prophet Elias Monastery Santorini has an impressive number places of love of unmatched greatness dissipated wherever on its length, from unassuming captivating safe-havens to gigantic houses. One of them is the famous group of ProfitisIlias (Prophet Elias), one of the most prepared of the island. It is organized on the highest point of Mount ProfitisIlias that lies on the southeast edge of Santorini, 3 kilometers from Pyrgos town, the most bewildering settlement of the island.

Lighthouse In the perfect, peaceful town of Akrotiri you can find the eminent reference point arranged on the incredible southwest piece of the island, 18 kilometers from the capital of Santorini. It is seen as genuinely remarkable and most great lighthousein Cyclades. Delicate to whatever is left of the island, it is a remarkable working with whitewashed dividers staying on the edge of a high incline ideal over the sea. It is, certainly, an untainted setting.

Best time to visit

between late April and early November when the environment is warm and there is little downpour. For nightlife, swimming, and sunbathing visit in June, July, August, or September. For content with visiting March to June or September to November are ideal.

Nearest Airport

The worldwide air terminal in Santorini, in any case called Thira Airport, is arranged on the East side of the Greek island, close to Kamari town. It is the greatest in the south Aegean Sea and besides fills in as a competitor base.

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