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Privacy Policy

You should indeed be confident that any details that you disclose with us will be handled with strictest confidence.

Data That We Collect

Personal information from you and others travelling with you (name, sex, date of birth, phone number, e-mail information, impairment details, and special support requests such as

dietary/wheelchair/oxygen/other healthcare needs, animal care needs, documented travel and redress numbers, credit card details, billing address, emergency contact, geolocation).

Items and facilities that you buy from us (including but not limited to flights, travel dates, hotels, rental cars, seats, bags, confirmation codes, entertainment, events). Transactional and online behaviour details for the use on our websites or software. All these data are aggregated and anonymized for computational purposes.

Your correspondence with us (emails, phone calls, social media, survey responses, letters).

How We Are Gathering The Data

Your information is retrieved online, by phone, at the airport kiosk, by self-service or in-flight.

How We Interpret Your Data

We use your details to: supply you mostly with services you have bought; provide you with operating details such as flight times and date notifications; notify you of missed bookings; provide help with travel; comply with TSA regulatory requirements; develop our goods and services; give you marketing communications; cooperate with our reporting requirements.

How Long We Hold The Data

Your data will be stored in our databases for as much as you agree to be our user for as long as local, state and federal legislation and regulations are needed.

E-Mail Address

The e-mail addresses given by you to us shall not be exchanged with any third party that is not contractually bound by any arrangement with us. Your email address may be exchanged with our associates and branches.

Usage Of Cookies & Use Of Your Details

A cookie is a tiny data file that websites frequently save on your computer's hard drive when you access them. We use cookies, but we do not retain personally identifying information on your chip.

We use cookies to track and preserve information about your use of our website in a way that does not mark you. This knowledge allows us to better support you by enhancing our website design, as well as our products, programmes, competitions and promotions.

When you visit our website, we authorise certain third-party firms to serve advertisements and/or gather certain anonymous details. These companies which use information (not including your name, e-mail address, telephone number or any other personally identifiable information) about your access to this and other websites to consist of advertising about commodities and services of importance to you. Those third parties shall not gather publicly identification data.

In attempt supply you with such services, we can exchange related customer data (e.g. name, location, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.) with our associates, as well as with non-affiliated third parties offering services to us (e.g., rental car, lodging and travel accommodation companies, information systems maintenance and development providers, data archiving, customer communication, marketing and similar services) (e.g., rental car, lodging and travel accommodation companies)

For privacy policy and other material, please refer to the websites of certain third parties and suppliers. Otherwise the only circumstances that would enable us to share customer details are the checking of billing information with the financial institution of the consumer, the tracking of the identification of credit card theft, the legitimate warrant or other relevant law enforcement requests.

Safety: Security

We use 256-bit encryption for Transport Layer Protection (TLS) to secure your sensitive information. This keeps the data you send to private and confidential. This technology guarantees the confidentiality of the transfer of sensitive information on the Internet.

In addition, we use the Expanded Authentication Certificate, which provides an extra layer of protection to the platform.

Changes to Policy retains the freedom to amend its Privacy Policies at any moment. If we make a significant adjustment to our strategy, we will publish a note of change on this blog.

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