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Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions thoroughly before accessing this website and its contents. Your use of it as website is entirely focused on your approval of the terms and conditions set out herein. For accessing this page, you understand and recognize these Terms and Conditions. If you do not comply with any of these Terms and Conditions, you should not use this website. Skytravelbooking.com reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at its own convenience from time to time.

Basic Terms and Conditions

Both goods and facilities rendered and provided by the Company shall be subject to payments prior to departure of the aircraft. If it's been made by check, the tickets will be delivered only after the check has been made.

The Company retains the freedom to do so at any moment and for any justification

To cancel a reservation before the day of departure, and if the same is achieved, the responsibility will be reduced to the refund of the money paid to the ticket by the Passenger.

To modify, change, separate or withhold any trip, exploration or service that has been promoted or released by the Company. The Company will not be responsible for any compensation, extra expenditure or substantive damage incurred by the Traveler/Group.

No person, besides the Organization, will have the authority in writing to amend, introduce, alter or waive any representation, definition, terms and conditions set out herein or in the Organization booklet, or indeed any terms and conditions relating to the tour scheduled by the Traveler approved by the Organization.

In the case that the Company wants to exercise the freedom to alter or amend any trip marketed in its brochure and in any other media once those holidays have been booked, the Passenger shall be entitled to:

Continue the holiday or the tour as modified or modified

To commit to any alternate holidays or tours that the Company can sell. Neither in of the above cases shall the Company be liable to the Traveler/Group for any injury, additional cost and subsequent loss incurred by the Traveler/Group.

In no case will the Company be responsible to the Traveler/Group for the following:

Any crash, death, disease, personal harm, loss, delay, higher cost or resulting harm incurred by any misadventure or similar cause.

Any act, standard of any air carrier, travel component supplier or any servant/agent hired by a travel component supplier who may be responsible for supplying lodging, food, transport facilities or traveler/group services, whatever the reason. In this case the word "always caused" also applies to incompetence on the part of any person involved.

No responsibility on the part of the Company arising out of the means of this arrangement with respect to any vacation, tour or excursion service shall exceed the actual amount charged or accepted to be paid for a tour, holiday, tour item or excursion, which shall in no case entail any substantive harm or unnecessary cost whatsoever.

The rates quoted in the Company brochure/quotation shall be in USD or equal in foreign currency. The Company therefore retains the right to adjust these prices in the event of currency volatility and due to adjustments in the different exchange rates and/or fuel costs prior to departure and to a related surcharge. Both such price rises must always be fully paid if they occur.

It is the obligation of the Traveler/Group to ensure and maintain valid travel documentation such as passport and Visa before the completion of the trip. In the event that any other travel permit, such as a passport, has been denied, expired or withdrawn by the government, the tour participant will have to face all the possibilities that result from it to meet all the substantial costs. The Company will have no liability whatsoever about the matter referred to above (s). It is the duty of the Traveler/Group to search and keep valid travel documents such as passports and visas before the completion of the trip. In the event that any travel permit, such as a passport, has been denied, expired or withdrawn by the government, the participant will have to face all the possibilities arising therefrom and cover all the substantial costs involved. Visa or travel authorization may also be necessary for international stopover flights.

The Ticket Expense does not include insurance coverage charges. The Traveler/Group may have to pay all such extra charges on its own.

All travel programmes as well as tour components are governed by statutes, rules and regulations during the tour and back. The Organization will have no responsibility for any situation brought on by those laws or by the act of God.

Any allegation received by the Traveler (including a complaint on behalf of other travelers of the Party who sent the same complaint by the Traveler) in connection with or on the grounds of a trip must be forwarded to the Organization in writing within 21 days of the tour end date. Under no circumstances shall there be any sort of allegation or accusation made afterwards on the date referred to above. No separate complaint by a traveler travelling with a party shall be considered direct and hence the same shall be rendered only by that traveler serving as the representative of the group as a whole.

The Company shall not be responsible to any traveler for refunds, reimbursement or even for a decrease in the number of days of the trip or for the postponement, cancellation or rerouting of any particular scheduled operation for any purpose, such as fog. The rules for cancellation charges/refunds will apply.

In case of a conflict of some kind

Skytravelbooking.com is dedicated to providing customer loyalty every single time, so if you have some sort of complaint or disagreement about our product or service, we will try to look into it as soon as possible. However if we are unable to do so, you can pursue claims as described in the following pages.

Through communicating with us, you consent to allow us the ability to settle any conflict or allegation about the Website, dealing with our agents, any programme or device offered by us any representation made by us or our Privacy Policy, by contacting the Customer Service Division of Skytravelbooking.com. If we are unable to settle your claims after the time period under consideration, you may request redress by settlement or by a small claims court, as set out in this clause.

Strictly Prohibited Activities

The content and information shown on this website (including but not restricted to the cost as well as the availability of travel services) and the infrastructure that used deliver those information are either proprietary to us or to our associates or suppliers. Although you can make restricted copies of your travel itineraries, for travel or reservations booked through this Website, you also agree not to alter, copy, transmit, distribute, view, print, replicate, authorise, pass or sell any material, goods or services or software obtained through this Website. In addition, you therefore promise not to:

Use this Website or its material for some kind of commercial purpose;

Making any tentative, false, or misleading reservations

Access or copy any information or content of this Website by any automatic means or by any manual method for any particular reason without obtaining the necessary permission from us.

Break the limitations on this website or attempt to circumvent other steps taken to prevent/restrict access to this website

Taking some sort of action that under our discretion, can or may place an unreasonably high burden on our infrastructure.

Deeply connect any portion of this website (including without restriction, the purchasing path for any travel service(s)) to any feature without our permission.

Frame, copy or otherwise link some section of this website on any other website without prior permission from us.


Individuals underneath the age of 18 are not entitled to order, cancel or change any of the services offered by Skytravelbooking.com.

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