The Top 5 Family Getaways in California

It’s summer. The temperature is rising, the kids are home and you got vacation days lined up. So what do you do with them? We got you covered with all the best family getaways in California, just focus on relaxing.

1)  LA

Starting off strong, and probably to the surprise of nobody, Los Angeles is first on the list.

Despite not being the state capital LA is undeniably the mecca of California; the center of entertainment, a huge food culture, inside a beautiful city.

With that being said there’s no doubt LA would be an ideal getaway spot for you and your family. During your stay, you’ll have world-famous attractions like Hollywood, and Santa Monica pier as well as renowned places to eat all within your grasp.

Stay downtown, right in the thick of the excitement, within walking distance of the Grand Station Market and The Last Bookstore. Or opt for an Airbnb to experience life in LA like a local, away from the tourist hustle and bustle.

Either way, LA is sure to supply you and your family with the getaway experience you’re looking for.             

2)  San Diego

San Diego is another popular city and family getaway destination in Southern California, with its own unique charm. Located on the coast of the Pacific, San Diego is famous for its great weather, beaches, and parks.

Amongst those parks is Legoland, one of only two in the US and home to all things Lego; featuring not only a theme park but also a waterpark to help beat the heat. Outside theme park type of excitement, you can defer to visit Balboa Park, a 1,200-acre urban cultural park.

Balboa has a lot to offer; from vast open space areas, gardens, museums, performing arts, walking paths, and it even houses the world-famous San Diego Zoo.

Beyond that, there’s Belmont Park, a historic park that first opened in 1925 right on Mission Beach. Enjoy the coasters and then enjoy a dip in the ocean or vice versa. Either way you spin it, you just can’t lose in San Diego.

3)  San Francisco

Like LA, San Francisco needs no introduction. The city has come to be known as the hub of the tech world, home to Silicon Valley; but make no mistake it’s an ideal place to spend a vacation as well.

Besides the Bay Area offering you tech, it also offers an arsenal of ways to be entertained; visit the Golden State Bridge and have a photo opt or check out Alcatraz island and take a tour of one of the most infamous prisons ever.

The Golden Gate Park is another must-go location when you’re in SF. The park is very similar to NY’s central park, to which it is often compared, and consisting of 1,017 acres of public grounds.

The park is an absolute treat and within it, you can find the beautiful Japanese Tea Garden, several lakes and even an archery range amongst plenty of other amenities.

Depending on when you decide to visit SF, it’s possible for you to even participate in Eat Drink S; a food festival where you can eat until you drop.

This year the festival takes on Saturday, August 24th. So if you’re interested, don’t forget to plan your stay around that time and get your tickets asap.

4) Orange County 

The OC or Orange County is home to arguably the biggest attraction in all of California, Disneyland. Disneyland not to be mistaken with Disneyworld in Florida, is the first Disney park ever initiated, the original.

Enjoy all things Disney as a whole family and caught up in the magic; I don’t have to sell Disney to you, you already know the deal, just go have fun.  Despite the prominence that Disneyland has, it isn’t the only park in the OC.

There’s also Knott’s Berry Farm, a lesser-known park but no less exciting or worth the trip. The park is more centered around giving visitors the thrills Disney lacks, with rollercoasters in abundance as opposed to character interactions and kid-friendly attractions.

So if the thrills are more your speed, then OC’s Knott’s Berry Farm is for you. The OC like the other aforementioned locations has its own beaches like Newport Beach; a coastal city in southern California is known for its large, boat-filled harbor.

With everything Orange County has to offer,  making a decision on a family getaway in California only gets harder.

5) Yosemite 

Lastly, we have Yosemite, probably the most uncommon idea for a California vacation thanks to the previously mentioned locations.

Regardless, this trip would be more than worth your while and will reward you for taking the road less traveled. In Yosemite Valley, you’ll find the perfect place to get away from it all.

Stay at the Majestic Hotel and surround yourself with California’s natural beauty like Half Dome, a famous climbing spot or the iconic view of Glacier Point.

Even though you’re isolated from the hustle and bustle of the cities, you’re not far from the fun. The National Park offers its visitors several guided hikes to breathtaking views, natural wonders, and recreational areas.

If this sounds like your ideal family getaway in California, book it quick you don’t want to miss it.

Three Places You Must Visit In Your Life

It’s one of the most exciting that time of the year, where your family has to make that ultimate decision and decide on a couple places to vacation. Many families become tired of traveling to the same vacation spots year after year. Before choosing a vacation location there are at least three in the world that a family must visit.

If you haven’t been to Canada…it’s about time you pack some suitcases and be on your way. There are several places for the kids to enjoy themselves at the strips where there are arcades and much more.

If you’re looking for a night out with your spouse you’ll be surprised at how many small romantic restaurants you find offering a variety of food. Even in the summertime Canada is never too, hot or too cold so there’s perfect weather. Canada has a little something for everyone. There is one spot that men and women alike will enjoy is Edmonton, Canada’s largest mall, it’s the largest shopping and entertainment centre. There are over 800 stores, 110 eating outlets and restaurant.

Surprisingly, there are still American adults who have never stepped foot onto the Miami Florida soil. This is perfect for someone who loves the warmth of the sun…in Florida, there is plenty of it. There are also plenty of beautiful beaches like Sunny Isle Beach- Complete with a mixture of entertainment, relaxation, places where you can surf, swim and fish this is the place everyone in the family will enjoy. Haulover Beach – This beach is definitely a family fun place. There are concessions, nice places for families to picnic.

As always there’s surfing, sunbathing, swimming and there’s a part of the beach that’s clothing optional. Bal Harbour- BAL Harbour Beach is a place made for both the women and men. There’s shopping areas, spas and golf courses for the gentlemen. Miami just doesn’t offer some hot beaches to enjoy but let’s not forget Universal Studios is right nearby for the kids.

The Universal Islands of Adventure offers entertainment for every age. The Islands of Adventures has nightclubs and celebrity chef restaurants for adults traveling with children. There are block buster movies and much more. Islands of Adventures are one of the perfect places to go with the whole family.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom- Animal Kingdom is a Kodak moment for the family where you’re able to see the different kinds of animals, enjoy scary fun roller coaster rides and play interactive games.

Florida offers such more than words can describe, if your curiosity has been peaked just a little go and satisfy it by visiting Florida.. An action packed city with lots and lots of fun things to do you can have such a great time there you never want to leave.

Every day New York hosts several Broadway plays ranging from old school classic to modern day. You can even take the whole family with you and then afterwards enjoy dinner at the several classy restaurants around. For ladies who love to shop New York has plenty of discount stores that offer name brand clothes, pocketbook and jewelry for bargain prices. There’s strips, fireworks everything you can possibly imagine. If you are adventurous family looking to explore earth’s realms start off with these three amazing places.